ZooBoo 2017 Recap by RentonTBuck

This year's ZooBoo event was something I wasn't so sure about today, because there were weather predictions saying it would rain and possibly storm late in the day. But then I figured that perhaps the predictions could be wrong and that it might rain only slightly, so I decided to put up with it and go volunteer at the event, anyway (while bringing an umbrella along just in case).

Like last year, things went rather smoothly during the event. I gave the kids high-fives and hugs as well as participating in pictures with them. Also like last year, most of the guests kept confusing me for a reindeer, even though I'm technically a whitetail deer (though to be fair, I wasn't the only one suffering from this; for example, a white tiger performer was initially confused for a zebra due to the fur pattern). Once, a girl asked me if I were planning to pull Santa's sleigh on Christmas; I nodded my head yes and she excitedly turned to her parents to tell them about my answer. I also encountered a mother and daughter who were trying to guess my name and wondered if I were Prancer or Comet; obviously, I couldn't answer back, so when the daughter asked what my name was, I simply shrugged.

Only once was there a downpour of rain; fortunately, it lasted very briefly, like around a couple minutes. Still, I resorted to heading toward a dining table with a giant-covered umbrella for shelter for a brief period when there weren't many guests around before the rain died down and I could come back out; I could have used my own umbrella, but it broke once I tried to open it..

Despite the rain, I still had a nice time. I just hope next week's ZooBoo won't have any rain at all. lol

ZooBoo 2017 Recap


21 October 2017 at 21:08:56 MDT

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