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Wrist Injury by Zeta-Haru

Hello once again!

5 days ago I injured my wrist and tendons by carrying weight. I misjudged the weight of an almost empty water galon and forced my right hand, it was very quick but enough to leave it feeling like I was drawing for a whole day without pause. And I wasn't taking much care on my wrist lately like not doing stretching exercises before working, or doing appropriate breaks after playing a game of drawing so I guess that didn't help the situation.

I thought my hand would be ok the day after but it didn't, I waited 2 more days and it was still hurting and just not how it used to feel. I even managed to play overwatch and work on art for a while during that period, but since the pain got worse, I started taking better care of it after realizing it's the most important tool for making art x_x And I feel very sad that this happened and I'm still getting over the situation. It's very frustrating not being able to work on art when you feel like it, and not playing games you like.

For now I need to rest my right hand if I don't want it to have more problems and be able to recover fully. From what we read, I should be feeling better in 2 weeks. Gabe is taking good care of me don't worry ;w;

The consequences are that Weekend 2 last page will be delayed since I can't finish the coloring, and I was working on a halloween ych and icons that won't be happening either and it's very frustrating, but I have to accept the situation. writing this journal is part of the process to help me move on and accept that I need to rest :l

I guess that's it... I got so worried about my hand never being the same again and it was making me depressed ugh... I'm glad boyfriend is here to take care and calm me down.

That's it for now and I'll see you again in around 2 weeks. I hope you understand!

Wrist Injury


20 October 2017 at 23:58:08 MDT

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    Hang in there. Hand injuries are the most depressing, I know, especially having to change up how you do every little thing. Us pesky humans doing all these crazy things with our forepaws, the old 3-legged-walk trick doesn't work anymore!