Commissions: OPEN by GypsyFate

I can do canines/canine-based species, other closed species, dragons and such
I can TRY felines. I haven't done much but could be done with a bit of research

Still can't do anthro or humans

Ok now to prices....

Sketch (colored):

  • Headshot: 5 USD
  • Fullbody: 8 USD

Fullbody (colored):

  • Lined - 12 USD
  • Shaded - 20 USD

Headshot (colored):

  • Lined - 8 USD
  • Shaded - 10 USD

Refs (colored/lined):

I've never done a ref for someone else's character but I can give it a go if someone wants
I will do up to 2 full-bodies and 2 headshot in the ref and i can add small 'snapshots' of eyes and paw color if wanted

Price: will depend on individual character but base price will be around 20-30 USD depending on what you want on the ref
Requirements for this is a detailed description of the character and with some sort of old ref orin you adopted it the drawing of that

If you want something that is not listed here message me and we can discuss it :)

Examples: For more look in gallery :D

Commissions: OPEN


18 October 2017 at 23:36:40 MDT

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