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My Book is now for sale! by nh63879

At long last I have got my book now up for sale! Oh man I can't tell you how exciting it is to have my very own book written and up for sale. I should hope that it will be popular with everyone. Hopefully if it does prove to be a successful book then I might just look into making a sequel book to go along with this copy. At the moment it's up for sale on Blurb for a reasonable price in pound sterling. I have set the price accordingly to give cover the basic cost of printing and the like as well as giving me some form of profit, so I should hope it doesn't deter you from looking into buying my book. I will of course be looking at selling it later on at sites such as Amazon and the like if the book sells well first.

Below is the link to my book that is now available for purchase.

If you do buy a copy then feel free to let me know and what you think of it. Any feedback on this is greatly appreciated and will help towards a decision on whether to make a follow up to this one.

My Book is now for sale!


18 October 2017 at 07:37:08 MDT

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