surreal sculpt badge commissions open !! by coppercentipede

taking a few experimental sculpted badges similar to these:

the concept for these is to sculpt a dreamlike vision of your character's personality or overall feel. a lot of furry art strives on being on-model and polished, so i'd like to offer something different. can be anywhere from serene to horrific. give refs and tell me about your character and what feel you'd like and that's what i'll go off of

starts at $50 for simpler characters and headshots like the second example
starts at $65 for busts.
can do headshots, busts, busts with arm/hand(s) or other parts like wings. price goes up with size, complexity, and layers/additions. can have additions like resin or gem eyes, sculpted or carved teeth/claws/spikes, crystal pieces (custom colors since i cast them myself), crystal sheet background, glitter, metallic colors, small found objects, ransom note text or sculpted text, whatever other ideas you'd like to try that i can make happen. size and shape will vary with character to fit what you'd like, but will be somewhere around 3" - 3.5" wide and 4" - 4.5" long unless you'd like a specific different size.
made with durable epoxy mounted on sturdy bookboard and clear coated. they should hold up fine, but they ARE art pieces and should be treated kindly when worn

send me a private message if interested!
thanks for looking

surreal sculpt badge commissions open !!


14 October 2017 at 10:38:45 MDT

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