Sorry for the second delay - this is why by Trias

On October 10th, we had to put our other dog to sleep. It caught us totally off guard when he had some kind of a seizure last Tuesday. When that seizure thing was over, he wasn’t the same again. He could walk, but he didn’t seem to notice much of his environment or the people around him.
After we went to vet she told us he may had swallowed a poisonous substance which can be found in medication for horses; it made sense at first. However, his status didn’t change at all, so we went to the vet again. Then, on further examination, there were like 5 different factors which COULD be responsible for the seizure, but we would have to test it one by one with no guarantee that even one would work at all.

We decided against the suffering…

I didn’t sleep to well the past week and I was greatly slowed down due to knowing our second family dog was suffering downstairs all the time.
Blaze was one heck of a collie dog ~ anyone would miss him…

At least I sleep a little better now and can finally get back to the work I owe some of you, my patrons and myself as well.


Sorry for the second delay - this is why


12 October 2017 at 16:53:33 MDT

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    Sorry about that, man. Hope things get better, Trias. Wish you the best. Stay Strong.

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      They are, thank you so much :)