Rescued: Help Fen & Her Mom! by Menageriecat

Hey all! An artist I've been watching for some years, Fen, has unfortunately been in a very bad situation for awhile now, and now needs financial help so her and her mom can recover some cost and get back on their feet..

The long and short of it is:

Fen was being abused by her former partner. This partner was manipulative, controlling, and abusive on many levels. Fen's mother had found out what was happening to her daughter, and it was mom to the rescue! She got her daughter out of harm's way!

Fen's mother gave everything she had to rescue her daughter, and rescue her she did, but now they need some help!

More details are available on their Gofundme:

previous journal disregard as this is more important and I prefer to focus my energy on helping Fen out, even if it's just spreading the word

Rescued: Help Fen & Her Mom!


12 October 2017 at 11:19:37 MDT

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