Offline this weekend! by keirajo

The stupid iPhone wanted a stupid update and ate all my data for the month. Not just ate an entire GB of OVERAGE data. I'm not paying for anymore after that, so I'll be offline this weekend and won't be able to spam post you guys with Inktober on Sunday. I won't even be able to look at my Weasyl and Gmail as I usually do on my phone....................sorry. sigh

Instead, last night, I scanned what I had.................and will post those shortly. Tomorrow will be my last day at work for the weekend. And then next Monday, when I go back to work--I'll do the remainder of the week then. I just gotta not use any internet on my phone or game apps until next Tuesday. XD

This batch I'll soon post are other people's characters I did (as gifts)--I'll have more in the next few following weeks as well. It will be a surprise. :D

Offline this weekend!


12 October 2017 at 10:23:05 MDT

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    Auto updates... I wish the developers would consider that we don't have gbs laying around just for that when on mobile.

    Spent awhile on YouTube and found it to feel bleh... Image search is just nicer as it always has been.

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      Yeah............I was really annoyed, especially as the update took like nearly an hour as well. It's not like Apple gave much benefits in least for minimal users like me. It changed the visual look of the screens and app internet was just maybe a TINY bit faster for the small amount of time I used it before Verizon hit me with the overage notices. XD I wish the updates would be in the middle of the week and not on Sundays, because then I could've used the wi-fi at work................. @_@

      I wonder if it's just kinda a "bleh" day. Here, it's like really gloomy............looking like it's going to rain, but not rain. Maybe tomorrow will be better for people and for YouTube. :)

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    Oh no, that sounds awful!
    Excited to see your art when you come back, but with all this phone stuff going on it's probably a good idea to wait!

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      Silly iPhone and its updates--Apple doesn't care. XD's going to be very weird to not look at the internet over the weekend--I'll need to force myself not to touch my phone unless I get texts or calls. :) But I'll have more Inktober to post then. Hopefully while I'm offline, too, I can get some of my backlog of coloring done. :D

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        I bet you can get a lot of stuff done when you're not looking at your phone! I should try it sometime xD Good luck!

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          It made for a pretty quiet weekend! It was also super-rainy on Saturday. XD

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            Oh wow, hope you didn't have to leave the house much Saturday! I love it when it rains and I'm indoors but not when I have to go out in it lol

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              I kind of lucked rained when I was indoors, but it seemed that every time I had to go out somewhere (laundromat and grocery store), it happened to not be raining while I was outside waiting for the bus. :)