Why I Left DeviantArt by Seraphima

I've been gone for about a month or so now, and I think it's time to explain why I left the most well known art site on the web. I am loving it here at Weasyl so far and know a few cool peeps here : D Let's get to it shall we?

  1. Money Hungry Admins

Ok so this one's kinda self-explanatory but its true IMO. You can't do anything without paying for a 15 dollar membership, can't change your name, can't decorate your page, can't use journal skins. And that's basically all your paying for. Sure no ads are a bonus but in reality you just shelled out 20 bucks to have a pretty page. Yeah it takes money to to run a large site like that, but non-subscribers could be given a little more.

2 . Corrupt Admins

Just when you think DA hit the bottom of the barrel, they burst right through that wood and start digging to the center of the Earth. I still browse sometimes and recently DA has updated the block feature to be more like Facebook's. The community asked for it from what I've read yes, but the worst part about this? THEY DIDN'T TELL THEIR MEMBERS ABOUT THIS MAJOR UPDATE. Now, if youre running a massive site like DA with thousands of users, why wouldn't you tell them about something like this? This update also may encourage art thieves to keep stealing art since blocked users can no longer see your page, and DA doesnt listen to third-party reports but thats a separate issue.

  1. The Drama

Not gonna spend too much time on this one, but I've seen it all on this site. From shipping wars, closed species drama, wars over OCs, and general pettiness is abound. Not to mention the art thieves and trolls. DA users have the sort of mob mentality where they will rally their watchers to witch hunt and spread hate about others over the littlest things. I dont support witch hunting at all but when its over something stupid its 10x worse. Not all people I met on DA are like this, in fact I met a lot of decent people there. To sum it up, every bunch has the bad apples.

In conclusion, I dont hate DA, but I dont think I would go back either. Now I might if DA could ever be truly restored to the way it was in the early days around 2004-2007, then I may consider it but right now I think I'll just stay here and on Instagram.

Why I Left DeviantArt


6 October 2017 at 01:01:41 MDT

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    Oh my gosh, I totally agree with that. lol
    Core Memberships totally werent worth it, and they werent that good anyway.
    Plus, the ads were super annoying. Seriously, they slow down browsing speeds to aggravating speeds, especially when trying to view notifications, such as drawings, journals, comments, and notes.
    And the app sucked too.
    I thankfully never ran into that kinda of drama on dA, but I knew it existed and it really is a problem.
    Even most of the user base is a mess in my opinion, as people will only care about you unless you do fan art or do art appeals to their fetishes. Sometimes both.

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      I totally agree, DA went downhill as soon as the fetish artists showed up I heard. There's nothing wrong with that but DA isnt the place for it IMO. It's always been relatively SFW but I seen porn and stuff there too and now it's just a total mess but Tumblr is worse or as bad tbh

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    Well, whatever the case may be, I'd much rather be in a little known community of awesome people than a large yet toxic community like DA. Thats for sure.

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      Same. I prefer smaller communities it's way less toxicity ❤

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    I had always been afraid of Deviant Art for many of the reasons you list in #3. My first site was Fur Affinity......and to be honest, reasons exactly like what you were saying are the reasons I left FA. I got bullied pretty bad over there and because Trouble Tickets were nearly 2 years behind......I was not staying there until admins would even try to help. Which they wouldn't. FA's block system is the worst.

    I miss friends I made over there.....friends who chose to not keep in contact. I miss artists who focus solely on that site. But I don't miss the site and all the pain I was going through. I'm much happier being here so I can enjoy and share art, too. :)

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      Same here only on DA instead of FA. I had FurAffinity for about 5 seconda and left because nothing I posted got any feedback whatsoever. i had some pretty bad drama on DA and eventually left because of it but there are a few artists there I liked that I still follow. The only other thing I like about DA is the Stash option

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        I think as long as the admin staff doesn't really care about maintaining the site more than it existing.........the sites will never be a happy place. At FA, after it was sold to IMVU......there was so much outrage. Now the site has constant crashes and is only changing parts of the site because they've lost a lot of donors. You can always tell when FA crashes for longer than a day--suddenly people who abandoned their accounts here will reactivate them only for the time FA is down. It's kind of sad. :/

        I think your fan-pairings, loves, fetishes, etc. should be tolerated......so long as you're not forcing them on people, people shouldn't start drama because they don't agree with you. On FA I posted a journal talking about when I bought some ZoroXSanji doujinshi at a 'con I went to and I liked that pairing and one dude went ballistic on my journal saying that I ruined "One Piece" forever for him. @_@ If that's what it takes to ruin an entire anime.......then maybe that person should avoid the internet.

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          Wow that One Piece thing is dumb like laughably dumb XD I think that if something as little as a pairing upsets you that much maybe it's time to take a break from the internet for a while. Also hated when people think you can copyright traits and poses 😒

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            It is. I was stunned by it.......and then when he began to leave me angry messages I was like........really? I ruined an anime for you just because of that? @_@

            I've always heard that Deviant Art was like that. I don't think there's any pose in the world that hasn't already been drawn--you can't copyright a pose. You can make an issue if some copies your drawing, but the pose of a single character? That seems remarkably silly. XD

            I bought some Japanese pose figures--the booklet actually encourages you to take pictures of your poses and TRACE THE PHOTO YOU TOOK! XD

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              Haha yeah XD And the people who are like "welp, my OC has crimpy red hair yours can't or ur copying me!!!!" Like really? I seen rants and stamps about stuff like that :3

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                What about in reality, when people always want a famous star's haircut/hairstyle????? XD So, we can do it reality, but not in art? I believe I was unaware of this silly rule! XD

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                  Ikr? People IRL have the same hair and clothes all the time but were all different. Why can't the same apply to OCs? Silly DA kids xD

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                    Yes, definitely much silliness! XD

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    I was there in '06 and left in '07, when they stopped showing any "latest" work as a default on the front page and switched to what was rated popular my page seemed to dry up. I had some watchers there but I felt the quality of the community was nicer here when comparing the two. In that time all I had for an alternative was a blog but nothing really came of that so it was nice to find an O.K. site again.