feh... ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ◅ by MouseBoxers

Kinda feel the need to vent about these online art vending sites like redbubidub and society 66 or something...
SO i just found out that society six actually takes 90% of the sales on items when a purchase is made. That's kinda frustrating really, because not only is the artists on those sites getting fleeced but also the buyers due to the prices being ridiculously high. Up to this point, it was the high price point that kinda made me regret selling stuff on society6. At this point, though, I think this is a final nail in the coffin for an old habit that formed in my early deviant art days. Ready to be done with that part of me...

So i guess i'll leave my society six up till the end of october and then can it. I'd be happier doing commissions for folks anyways tbh.

feh... ᘛ⁐̤ᕐᐷ ◅


29 September 2017 at 00:11:56 MDT

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    An honest question as someone who isn't big on selling and understanding reasonable royalty: what would be a better percentage for them to take? When I see the morsel of my margin, I pass it off knowing that I only provided the design... while the websites provide the site, shirts, materials to make and press the print, packaging, and shipment.

    I understand that you'd want a bigger piece for your work though. This may inspire an opportunity to print and press the shirts (and other items) yourself, which is very cool and fun if you have the time!

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      I personally would at least have preferred a more 50/50. I've heard that not even fine art galleries take 90% (even though I've heard they can take a lot) But then again, I could easily go to a local print shop, get something printed and still sell it for cheaper with a better profit margin. (granted I might not have as wide as options for products, I'd have to save me pennies for a direct to substrate printer I guess in that regard)

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      ....on the note of my last reply wally worlds got some enticing print options.