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Apologies, I've been terrible about crossposting lately. by Sparkyopteryx

These days I only have so much time and energy on my hands (is this what it feels like to get older?) and all my focus tends to go towards life stuff, spending time with the spouse, art and squeezing in video games on the side. Lately my platforms of choice have shifted pretty completely to Twitter and Tumblr (the latter of which I still have reservations with, but dammit it's convenient). My galleries on here and FA have suffered for it and tend to stay perpetually behind by a few weeks or more.

I'm not going to stop posting on my galleries, but they may constantly lag behind a bit. Please by all means keep following me here! Just don't be surprised if my backlog causes me to drag my heels updating, haha. If you want to keep tabs on me (and get commission opening notifications more promptly), my other haunts are:

GW2 Tumblr:

Apologies, I've been terrible about crossposting lately.


24 September 2017 at 18:18:20 MDT

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    backlogs are hard! you got this!

    and i understand the convenience aspect. i have to remind myself if i want to be a convenient artist, or a thorough one, and some days i just need my art out there fast. sounds like you've got a time crunch already, but you're spending it in the right places. with spouse, engaging with life around you. your life isn't made more worthwhile just by producing more art.