The feel of digital by MapleSmoke

I suppose I'm still new to drawing with a tablet and stylus, but I don't particular enjoy the exercise. It could just be that I'm too used to drawing with a pen. Pencils, charcoal and even acrylic paints are hard but they're fun to use. So what's missing with digital art? Maybe it's the texture of plastic scratching against plastic that doesn't feel good. Or the pressure to NOT use pressure so I don't damage the tablet surface. From what I've done with digital so far, it feels comparatively lifeless compared to my on-paper sketches. I mean, it's possible to go for a sketchy style in digital but still. It's not very relaxing.

Are there ways to make digital drawing more enjoyable?

The transition from traditional to digital is rough, though I guess it's the same vice versa for some people.

The feel of digital


24 September 2017 at 06:42:30 MDT

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    I can't really help much, but the stylus's never work on my cheap tablets. I do miss my now ancient PDAs (like a smart phone without the "phone" part) those worked O.K. for the feel but the screens were really small and "zoom" was the only way I could draw on one of the models.

    Still, I really do like your pen style, all the drawings I seen from you are really expressive and looked like they came with ease.

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      Thanks! I think the other thing that gets to me is that the tablet depends on a good surface to respond properly to the stylus. There's probably a more stable way to position it than having it sit on my lap.