The 'Dante Vs.' Sequel Is Available... on by crazybslol

Some of you might have been wondering as of late:

"I heard you were making a second 'Dante Versus' comic! Did you complete it? When is it being posted?"

Well, it is complete. Kilted.Jackalope and I were in the middle of polishing it up and hoping to release it this year. Sadly... Kilted.Jackalope, or 'Daedalus', as he liked to be known-- passed away from suicide. I won't get into the details, so I'll have to ask you look them up yourself.

A lot of people have asked when the sequel was coming. I don't think there were many here but I'll probably have to go through the individual comments on FurAffinity to do it.

I announced that this was going to be removed on Monday, but I'll extend it to Friday of this week. This .zip I've made includes the first 'Dante Vs.' comic he and I had been working on that people liked, along with the sequel: the entire comic is there, but the 'polishing' touch-ups end at page 6.

I've included a memoriam, along with the stories he wrote in which they are based.

You can find more of his stories on sneezefurs. At some point I'd like to go back and compile them myself.


RIP, Dae.

The 'Dante Vs.' Sequel Is Available... on


23 September 2017 at 22:13:37 MDT

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