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Been a hot minute since I tossed up a journal. Hope everyone is doing good, and if not I hope things get better. I'm personally hanging in there, and due to some hubbub lately I've changed up my plans for October. I decided to do a Bucktober thing, because it sounded fun. So I set it all up and it's currently underway for sign-ups for the next month. Sign-ups run all the way through the month as well, so it may or may not be going anywhere if you catch it late or whatever. The short version is I've got 31 total slots available, for $15 each, of anything I'd normally draw. Just of deer or deer related species. And for those who don't have a character/sona that fits I'll gladly translate you into one for the picture. You can find the full post and text =HERE= if you're interested.

Outside that, I'm going to be trying to save and setup a trip for MFF, I have friends going that I'd love to meet there (and frankly these Bucktober slots would help immensely if I could move every last slot). So we'll see how that pans out, since I'll be traveling with Serpent again, since he's fun. We're just not sure how work situation is going to break down for him at that time. But currently were poised to go, and hashing out the rest. Thanks for reading Luv u <3

Bucktober and Current events


22 September 2017 at 09:42:44 MDT

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