Vent by Kinaj

It's not this. This is more of an introduction to it.

The last days/weeks/months I've been trying again to put negative feelings into pictures to vent a bit and give an expression of my deeper problems. I've been debating over whether I should upload them or not. In the end I've decided for it. Still got mixed feeling though.

In the end I've decided for it, because some of it has an artistic value and I still have that urge to share such things. On the other hand I hoped to kinda...communicate. Idk, probably won't work anyway. And maybe somebody has the same feelings as I can relate to it and feel better about themselves. Unlikely, but would be great.

What I don't want is to talk about it. I will lock comments and don't want to hear about it outside this site as well. I also don't want to be cheered up and even less in form of giftart like the last time. It's a nice gesture I appreciate, but I just can't take that.

In generel I guess for once I expect it to get under like the things usually do.



13 September 2017 at 17:19:22 MDT

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