General updates. 9-2-17. by keirajo

So it has been a little while since I've done an update journal of any kind............ wry laugh

For the most part, life has been the same old sort of jumping through hoops and all. Things and more things of my daily normal, boring life. This week has had a few gut punches............we got notice at work this morning that a co-worker passed away suddenly. They had never complained of their health and they were here yesterday as cheerful as always and then suddenly, they are gone. It is a shocking thing and hard to figure out how to deal with it.........both from personal and professional standpoints. Sudden, unexpected deaths like that create a very strange vacuum in lives, whether you were ever close to the person or not--you were working side-by-side with them and saw them every day for a very long time.

Personally............I don't like to gripe and whine about my own health--I saw people who did that everyday at Fur Affinity and it was kinda depressing to see 10 journals every day from one person about how much their life sucks and all that. In a generic statement of things, I've had a weird feeling in my left shoulder for about a year now--started right after my mom passed away. At first I thought it was because of all the stuff I threw out.........excessive physical stuff.............but it wasn't exactly pain. Even when I saw my doctor and mentioned it, I could not exactly explain what it was..........I began calling it a "jelly feeling". Not pain, not weakness felt like, well, if you stuck your fingers in gel or jelly--it was the feeling of that gel/jelly on your fingers. But now, this week, I started getting a tingly sensation in my elbow to a couple of fingers, like the limb had "fallen asleep".............not bad, not consistent...............but it makes me stop and think. So I was talking about this to another co-worker of mine, who's around my age--we often joke and compare health situations. He said he experiences the same thing and his doctor has said it's basically like a pinched nerve.............but it's not something that can be fixed, per se. I just kind of go back-and-forth wondering if I should call my doctor and ask her to see if she can have it examined and know for sure. But when I told her before, because I could not describe what I was feeling so she just had me take some calcium supplements, in case it was possibly oncoming osteoporosis, you know?

I went through my digital color folder and began eliminating some things that were 2015 and I didn't feel like I would ever be up to coloring. But even so.............I still have about 40 things................! XD I'll be working on a few more sets of character icons--some for some friends of mine, too. I cleaned a bit at home over the weekend and threw out about a dozen super-old sketchbooks that barely had any use and the paper felt weakened and flimsy. I picked up one of the better ones and began doing some crayon-colored stuff in it.

Like I said, same old stuff around here, basically. So I hope you guys have had some more [good] excitement than I've had recently. Anything new and upcoming in your lives? Did you do anything fun recently? :)

General updates. 9-2-17.


13 September 2017 at 11:14:04 MDT

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    Well, uh - I'll begin coaching a new gymnastics class tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be something I regret doing, but we'll see!

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      It sounds like it could be a new experience if anything! :)

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    Yay for cleaning!
    Now get coloring :p

    You could have uploaded the old pieces just as linework tho. Your linework is always really pretty.

    Yea sounds like pinched nerve. My mom had that. It's a pain. I don't remember what they did for hers tho :/

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      XD I'll get to coloring eventually! laughs

      I almost feel people get bored with stuff not in color. I haven't done so much of that here (beyond Inktober), but over on FA my B&W or sketches barely got looked at. wry laugh I blame on one being Soren............and I have like six pieces now in my to-color folder that have him in it................and I cringe at how difficult he'll be to color. I tried drawing Soren in his old look (meaning "young'un")'s been awhile since I drew his old look, even in 2015 it had been awhile (beyond the ref sheet), I was never happy with it and figured I didn't want to touch it anymore! XD

      I know some types of pinched nerves they can do minor treatments and surgeries with, co-worker said that the type he had was one that couldn't be fixed. I'm afraid to call my doctor and find out.................... @_@

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    That is strange about someone just passing suddenly.

    Sat down and drew a bit of cornfield... as Midwestern as can be, right. The wind can throw your bearings off with where you are in a picture with leaf placement.

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      He had just been at work yesterday and everything seemed okay.....he never complained about his health. So it's been something of a shock, that's for sure.

      Yeah.................we are known for CORN and COWS here in the Midwest. But this is probably a good time for cornfield drawings, you could probably get some different looks (especially of leaf-shapes) since we're between full-green and harvest-colors. :)

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    I had a pinched nerve a few times... very painful at times, and just tingly at other times. They went away though, and massaging the muscle area where the nerve is pinched can help.

    I'm sorry to hear about your coworker :(

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      Strange things happen..............and always when you least expect it. @_@

      I think sometimes using like the ICY-HOT patches and stuff helps when I'm sleeping,'ll feel better when I wake up. :)

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        True :) I had this lotion that cools the area and penetrates the muscles, which is really nice.

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          Yeah. :)