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If you don't watch me on twitter you might not know, https://twitter.com/Wolfpangolin/status/903319489676283905 I got my large 200 pack of prismacolor brush tip markers! meaning once I start feeling better I can start working on comics fully an I think I've decided I'm going to switch all comics to full color instead of having some in color some in grayscale. I'm not 100% on that sense I do enjoy grayscale comics, but I am leaning more towards color then grayscale.
Now the only thing I need to do is get feeling better and get my confidence back. I am not going to try all that hard sense this is September an for me September is the hardest month of the year for me an I'll be going on vacation at the end of the month to get out of here for the day that I can't handle like I did last year sense it helped so much. In the mean time I'm going to mess around with my markers to get some practice in, build up my confidence with them, and get my work flow ironed out before hitting comic pages sense my set up is a little fucked with my limited space.
Once I get my confidence up and start working on comic pages I'm going to work on redrawing the Sen comic, Random, R.I.P., Demonically Demented, and Ultimately Unorthodox. So it still might be a wait for new pages of any of them, but I hope it's worth the wait for the jump in quality. (Throw me a comment on which comic would you like me to redraw first, I'm not quite sure an would like the input, I'm thinking Ultimately Unorthodox sense it has the least pages so I can mark it off the list so I can say "I got one comic redrawn" to help boost my confidence and make me feel more motivated, but I'd still like to hear other opinions.)

tl;dr = I got markers, I'm going to do some random art (probably character art) for practice, all comics are getting redrawn, new comics will start up again as soon as I get everything redrawn thanks for waiting.

have a great day~

Update 9/8/2017


8 September 2017 at 09:42:33 MDT

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