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Art Status by NimbleBun

I haven't updated this account in a long time. Currently I am going through my commissions so I can finally be done with those and finally get back on track for my own self-improvements in my artwork.

I really want to get back into drawing for fun and study purposes and make more personal art dolls that have no obligations to anybody, it always stresses me out when I have a handful of very time consuming projects :/ I honestly wasn't fully aware of what I was getting into when I filled my work list as full as I did. Thankfully my commissioners are more than patient with me and thats all I request of anybody that is waiting for anything from me.

I'm currently making a bunch of dolls to sell at All's Faire in June. This faire is located in Bonney Lake (WA) so if you are around the weekend of 21-23 you really ought to stop by my table and check out what myself and my friends will be selling :)

I will be making new doll kits but until the faire is over, I will not be offering too many kits that come with pre-cut fabric. I will offer doll parts that come with eyes, however.

After I get the convention dolls well in progress I will be gearing up for the Halloween dolls. I will be making them all small dolls (and a couple of large ones that are already designed). I want to offer more small dolls because it sucks to go to someone's shop and seeing everything painfully expensive, right? I want to make my art a bit more reasonably affordable so more people can obtain it.

new small dolls that I plan to make: bats, wolves, and a secret art doll kit that will be revealed in Oct :3

Spring is here and I am fully excited. I get to jog outdoors alot more these days due to longer daylight hours and warming weather.

Commissions are currently closed until further notice. I am taking a haitus from commissions until I am ready to jump into that again

Art Status


30 March 2013 at 14:13:48 MDT

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