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Babysitting, Depression-Apathy, driving I5, any podcast recommendations? by LycheeMonster

the summer has been a bumpy recovery and to be honest, i'm still enjoying NOT being in school. but even though i'm well supported its still depressing and emotional not having a job yet!

and with me arm in recovery still drawing and animating and writing has ben frustrating. health is frustrating. mostly because its hard to care about myself a lot. but thats what comes most with depression: extreme apathy. doing things for myself and my own projects seems... well, selfish and like a waste of time. but honestly, i know it can be worthwhile and i know people will be interested if i invest myself and continue to work on my stories. i think they are important and have important visions of the future, the present and what many hardships and triumphs we all have as living imperfect beings. gosh it all sounds like hot air without any cohesive work...

i'm doing alright though. i have my gym membership so i can do some swimming and have a healthier routine now that im not in class. gonna try to shove everything into my schedule while i still have the time.

in that regard, i've been ferrying my gf back and forth to babysit her nieces and boy howdy have i driven on i5 and around east jblm base many times. the country is interesting. it's a slice beyond the salish silicon bay. it has mountains, valleys, swamps, and is a wonderful tour of the lowlands. it also hurts my ass so much doing this twice a week ; _; her babysitting is way more work though, kids are really really hard work, no matter how good they are. i'm happy i can support that at least. the future generation is important even as my own and older ones are important. there's not a lot i can do for my grandma, or my parents, but i can at least keep these kids safe.

how have yall been driving lately? taking care of your vehicle/route? or commuting? how do you cope with the mind numbing hours of transportation? i've got some good podcasts going, which in fact i need now more than ever that i'm home alone doing my own projects... or wanting to do them...

who do you listen to with podcasts?
radio plays? i don't like crime that much... unless it's queer focused. i know, i'm gay trash and love it. let me live my youth and young adult life in a world where its finally economically viable to exist as long as i buy rainbows.
any good queer current event podcasts?
any art podcasts?

Babysitting, Depression-Apathy, driving I5, any podcast recommendations?


5 September 2017 at 22:24:24 MDT

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    Hang in there............I really hope things will get better for you. :)

    I wish I could suggest podcasts, but I don't listen to them--the staff I work with at my Library are always talking about them, I should've paid attention to the names more. One sounds funny, about a bunch of women reviewing (and making fun of) romance books. It sounds like they get really rude and raunchy sometimes though. XD

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      i'm all about a group of women reviewing comic books and being rude and raunchy - if you overhear it again, please let me know!

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        I will try to find out who told me about it! :)

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    I've been a big fan of Welcome to Nightvale, best to start from the beginning.

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      i'm past the majority of the story and should go back and catch up..... its been a while!

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    It's good to read about you again!

    Well in my case I only listen music all the time I spend in transporting... sometimes it's funny to listen others talks.
    I hope you keep doing well with your post graduatin vacations; Hope see you more around here too :)