MFM Post Con Summary by sneakingsuspicion

This was my first time staying at the hotel, and though I had to leave Sunday, mannaged to make much more than I did last year; sold all my issue 1's and all but two of my character cards. Met some interesting people, too. Devillo was friendly and gave me some great advice about other cons. Got to talk to Chuffalo and bought prints from both. Also met Gabriel and Snowheart as well as other furs whose names I can't recall. Though everyone was nice, it is a bit weird to be there by yourself. I have a total of one close friend I could probably drag along, if merely for the sheer amusement of seeing their reactions. Hopefully, as I get to know some people it won't be as bad. As I left Artist Alley, I had gathered my stuff and was walking back to my room when I thought I heard something hit the floor. I looked around to see what I had dropped and saw a cellphone on the ground. I gave the phone to con staff, who turned it into lost and found. Forgive me, I can't remember your names, but the two I sat next to who sold animals skulls, I assume it was yours and I hope you got it back.

As for the super 8 film I shot of the parade and games, as soon as it's processed, I'll post a link. My biggest fear is the games being underexposed.

MFM Post Con Summary


4 September 2017 at 09:09:25 MDT

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