We’re on WebToon! by KittyRedden

It took a hell of a lot of work because WebToon is JPG only, but I finally found a file converter that didn't watermark images! iLoveIMG is awesome!!!


Check it out!!

I will eventually get AID and TMH up there as well, but for now, LAR is up!

We’re on WebToon!


1 September 2017 at 08:09:01 MDT

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    what is JPG? as in the file type?

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      I love it when I post a reply and Weasyl's servers decide not to post it... Attempt #3.

      Yes, JPG or JPEG is a lower quality image compression file type. I save all my work in PNG, which is a much higher quality and thus had to convert over 300 images to JPG format before I could upload to WebToon.

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        oh um ^^' wish i would have know i know of a fair few good tools to do that automatically oh well good job and yeah weasyl was having issues yesterday

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          Today too. I was trying to post this morning.

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            oh how odd does it happen with any other sites?

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              Nope. I mean when I was on satellite internet, sure. Could barely post at all, but since I moved and finally got highspeed, haven't had an issue. I guess Weasyl just goofed.