No turning back now by sirkain

Ok, not sure how to professionally organize this but screw it. Doing it by my cell anyway…

Today while in the first day if the JT Foxx wealth coach seminar, hearing everything I have made me feel uncomfortable. Which from what he preaches is a good thing. In my mind right now In seeing on this highway I just jumped on going near full throttle an exit ramp coming up… the last one that can take me back to stuff I knew and did for years. The J.O.B. the mentality I was comfy having. The way I was struggling on how to survive on paycheck to paycheck and relying on the pension to save me when I retire. Take it now or never turn back…?

Screw it, plowing on into the scary and unknown. Need to have the new mentality, courage, witt, open mindness of things and prove to myself and others I am successful. I have friends to inspire as well as my relatives and family. That we can be more than farmers, wrench turners and number crunchers. I want to help people, well why go small helping a handful out? Let me change lives of many. Just need to invest in the right coaching from those who know their stuff and want to see small frys like me become big fish.

Just understand I am going to change a lot in a short time. I will be tougher to reach but don’t forget me. Poke me when I forget to poke you. I will loose some friends and acquaintances which scares me, but make new powerful Inspirational ones regardless. I will not disappoint.

No turning back now


19 August 2017 at 20:47:38 MDT

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    What's going to happen? I don't entirely understand o.o"