One week: 41,000 words written! by Amethyst Mare


It was tricky to maintain the 8000 words per day at the tail end of the week, but I think it all came together quite well. It was a learning experience and I need to either work in strict 2000 word sprints when I do this again or I will need to slowly increase my sprint length on my daily after work writing (currently at 2000 words). If I increase it by 100 or 200 words per day for a week at a time, I should be able to slowly maintain my focus for longer sprints.

I also learned that my concentration does get frazzled when "shit happens" - namely pony stuff going wrong, fences mysteriously being down and ponies being ponies and jumping the goddamn fence. So that is something I will work on in making sure I don't take a break on my "off" days after work when I'm feeling frazzled. Learning how to work through those concentration lapses will be undoubtedly useful in the long run!

My goal this year was to write 450,000 words, but, as I am currently at 395,176, I think I will at the very least be able to hit 500,000 - HALF A MILLION WORDS IN ONE YEAR. I know that it's not much compared to some writers and authors here, but bloody hell would it be an achievement for me!

So... Check my Patreon if you'd like to read those stories I've steamrolled through this week early! They'll be up here later on as uploads are, as always, staggered to provide a steady stream of content. The full novelette of A Princess' Steed, a romance-adventure tale featuring Celestia with erotic elements - will also shortly be up on the Bronze patreon tier, as I am just uploading the final chapters to Silver for super early viewing as a thank you to my supporters.


Stay tuned! Plenty to come!

Amethyst -x-

One week: 41,000 words written!

Amethyst Mare

13 August 2017 at 09:56:59 MDT

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