Regarding "Zai" and "Michael Macaw". by Zai

So, if you've followed me on other sites and messengers (probably Twitter since it's the most active place and people generally don't follow me as much in other places), you may have noticed lately that I've been shifting my username/display name on most sites from "Zai"/"Zai Redwinters" to "Michael Macaw".

I've kinda been going back and forth on doing that for a while now. "Zai Redwinters" was, largely, a high school/college nickname. I don't dislike it, but it definitely has that cliche anime-watching-teenager feel to it now, 15 years later.
I feel like "Michael Macaw" better reflects me these days because my first name is Michael, I love parrots, there's an old-school toony alliteration to it, and it loosely resembles my real last name (the M and both As are in the same spots at least!).

My birdsona in general I definitely see as a lot more toony than he used to be. The name "Zai" originally came from a corruption of the "Zap" in "Zapdos". In fact, my original 'sona used to be a human with Zapdos features named "Zai Dos", which was actually a blatant ripoff of an artist who did the same thing but with Articuno (wonder whatever happened to her?). After a while, it shifted to just an anthro Zapdos, from there just a generic yellow bird, and now to something more akin to a parrot, even if I never really specified which species. The name "Redwinters" came about when my friends and I were obsessing over Trigun in high school. There's a character with the last name "Bluesummers", so I just changed both parts to another color/season.

But anyway, I digress. MOST sites that I can change my display name or username, I have. There are some places, like here and FurAffinity, that I can't change it without making a new account. I'm fine with leaving those as is. I also still have myself listed as Zai on my 3DS/Switch because "Michael Macaw" won't fit and I'd rather not use just Michael.

As for talking to/about me, BY ALL MEANS, you can keep calling me "Zai" if you'd like! It's short, easy to say and remember, and it's how most people know me, I guess. I don't mind being known by a few different names. It's kinda like how Egoraptor mostly goes by his real name these days but still uses the moniker in stuff? idk.

Anyway, that is all. I'm still on the lookout for new voice over opportunities between practicing my skills on my Twitch stream. If you know of any furry fandom-related projects in need of voice work, I'd LOVE to contribute!

Regarding "Zai" and "Michael Macaw".


12 August 2017 at 16:57:33 MDT

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