PSA: Learning from Mistakes by df2

It's been a while since the last (serious) journal i've wrote...(please, take a sit, it's a long one)
Until now
Many of you may have noticed my lack of activity, (the last year and a half has been the most stressfull part of our lifes as a familiy, due to my grandmother disability and, finally, her death in June 12th). Since then, we've been taking care about formalities.
Last year (2016) has been as well as a roller coaster, and, taking view from the past, at least, i could keep myself regular into college (this detail i haven't put in the last 2016' journal because i only could pass one subject, from two that i required to keep my regularity. I passed my second subject to keep 2016' regularity at the end of the Summer Course) -Today i'm 24 subjects away from the Engineering degree-; and, barely uploaded a few draws, each one with a lower quality each time.
This year
This year i've made a mistake, and, i'm quite ashamed about it -and i'm really sorry about this-, but, as well, willing to learn from it: i've taken more requests that i've been able to handle propetly. The reason behind it it's not a mistery (see above), but, as well, this semester i've been taking care about college with more care than the last year, to avoid unwanted situations like the last year, but, this meant less time to draw, and, ending in this hours, canceling them...which, trust me, it was the hardest decision i've taked, but, this is for good sake.
I've already the regularity i need to keep my regular condition in college.
Second semester will be like the first, making the best effort as posible to pass both subjects, but, not caring very much art, so, i'll be no taking requests until i pass some important subjects (i've 4 left of these, and then, meet the rest).
The reason has 3 topics, and i wanna explain each with the best care posible...

  • Quality: As i said before, my work's quality has been dropping down, as well the frecuency i've been uploading them, which, out of context, it wouldn't have any sense at all, but, the reason is above. What i can do to make up this topic is, upgrading my quality, but, this requires practice. (This is not an issue, this just means less personal works to do, but, trying to aim each draw to a better quality each time)
  • Volumen: As i said at the beigining of the "This year" topic, i've taked more request than i was able to work up with the situations i've faced (family + college), derivating in not taking proper care about the requests. What i can do to make up this topic is taking less slots (i've not thought about how many slots will be in the future, but, probably will be one) to make sure to end one work at time (Next topic)
  • Times: Since i'm 24 years old now (next January 19th i'll be 25 yrs old) i've started to look (in real life) jobs (Something related to what i'm studying). Today i'm doing a volunteer as a support in a foundation to gain expierence in the field. Due to this, plus the random times i'm in each semester, it's natural, i've random times to do some art...What i can do to make up this topic is making a best time administration...which is a weak point of mine...let's see how this ends ;)

The Future
The uncertain but, after this long journal, we can see a few topics:

  • Art: I'll keep doing art in the future, perhaps, less from what you could expected from me, but, i'm willing to upgrade my skill
  • Engineering: I'm willing to reach to the degree and, eventually, make a master degree
  • Furry: I'm thinking ask a fursuit, yet, i've no money to afford it, since the debts we've to pay and make a few structural updates to the house i'm living (lol)
  • Job: In the long time, i'm willing to start working (i'm expecting it to happen from now to 2.5 years at last), but, i know it'll be from 9-18 my shift, and, probably, i'll still studying to get my engineering degree a few years more, which, will be more tiring to make progress. but, once i end my studies, the only free time i'll have will be the weekends (this is what i can see from here), which, could lead in a improvement of art
  • Better time administration? we'll see what happens!
  • Requests: As well the quantity of available slots revision, there'll be an integral revision of my ToS (sounds too "wow", but, it's not the big deal, it's more re-organizing stuff, to be more clear)

Again, i'm very sorry for these issues, and i'll make up in the future, but, here are the reasons behind such a decision.
I hope you have a nice year
Deutsch Fox~

PSA: Learning from Mistakes


12 August 2017 at 16:25:58 MDT

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