the marks for my next haul - I by Zyonji
The dress in contrast to the minimal textures in the surrounding creates a delicate and personal feeling and the clear diagonal divide in values with the dress breaking that divide helps make it stand out.
Target: Value grouping and texture contrast.
The use of strong blacks and the visible line strokes support the flow of the painting itself. As texture of the medium itself, they don't interfere with the picture while still supporting the composition.
Target: Composition through medium features.
The clothes drawn make support very natural feeling in every scene. It expands the context of each drawing from what is shown to the decisions made prior to this and the expectations of the character as well.
Target: Signs of character choices.
The use of small playful details has a fascinating effect on the composition, as they aren't the focus of the painting. Those details create low contrast in value, making parts of the character interesting to look at, purely by recontextualization.
Target: Contextual diversity.
The eyes and gemstones look especially pretty through stronger saturated reflections inside the tinted transparent bodies. This creates an uniquely precious look.
Target: Transparent body reflections.
The strong use of color in the light source gives the character a look that inspires awe of some sort. It reminds religious imagery. The color temperature of the light tells a story by itself.
Target: Meaningful color temperature.
The combination of different shapes that differ widely in the height to width ratio creates a strong composition with many interesting to look at components.
Target: Variation in shape.
The dark values in this painting are always associated with small and slender shapes, creating a subtle pattern. This unifies the different parts of the composition, creating compelling areas to look at, even without a strong focus point.
Target: Themes in color and shape.

the marks for my next haul - I


12 August 2017 at 12:17:08 MDT

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