Saturday: total of 38,000 words so far by Amethyst Mare

Now, I admit, I slipped up in the week (Thursday), which is why my word count reports disappeared. But that's okay! I had the weekend to catch up and make sure I completed all work on time and the whole purpose of this week was to experiment with what worked best and have a little play around with strategies.

Thursday, I wrote 5000 words and I write 6000 words on Friday. On Thursday, I didn't write more as I went down to the field for the horses in the morning to find the fence on the floor and the tape messed with, so I was rather freaked out and couldn't settle the whole day. I've learned that maybe, if that happens again, I may have to rejig the work I do because a frazzled mind does not a writer make. Or perhaps use the writing as an escape from the stress of "what happened?" as I still don't bloody know. I think it wasn't malicious at least and pony is safe. Friday... The bloody pony jumped the fence so that was a bit annoying, but he was all okay. The thing that threw me off those last 2000 words was coming down with a virus or something nasty in the late afternoon after taking pony to a temporary yard (I'm having lessons on him and it's cheaper to put him on livery elsewhere for a few weeks than it is to constantly take him for lessons on weeknights etc). So yeah - my head was pounding and I had a raging temperature. It was NOT happening, folks!

So, to catch up, I've planned to do 3000 words today and 3000 tomorrow, just to finish up a bit of work. I am now at 38000, having completed today's 3000 words and will rack it up to 41000 tomorrow.

Game set and match!

What I've learned? To be diligent with my writing springs but flexible with my weekly schedule. Sometimes I will also need to work late and I also cannot work first thing (so maybe when I write full time, I will start the day by going to the gym and then write).

Let's hit that number tomorrow!!!


Saturday: total of 38,000 words so far

Amethyst Mare

12 August 2017 at 11:07:22 MDT

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