I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER update again. by Vrabo

So Windows 10 forced an updated on me yesterday. Ever since the age of bab I never understood the point of updates, let alone forced updates. Sure it's for security reasons but to me it always felt like..

"EYYYYY CONSUMER! Do you know this thing where you put in effort to understand how it works and it's all muscle memory and no thought to you now? Well we decided to completely redesign it to throw you the fuck off, forcing you to think and re-learn the entire program again because... umm.."

It's the reason I never switched to FL12 and stuck with FL11, because I know how to use FL11 and I'd have to-relearn FL12 and for what? It has features I don't need. The moment I realize I could benefit from those features, THEN I'll update. I never update SIMPLY BECAUSE ITS NEW.

But this is what just happened with Windows 10, I wasn't given an option to update or not, I turned on my computer this morning to find it updating to my surprise. Once it was done, I saw this: http://imgur.com/2H3KcJj

I put in my password like normal and then it's a completely blank screen apart from the mouse, Wacom launcher and task manager... no taskbar, no desktop icons, nothing.

My shit got destroyed multiple times in in my life from updates and only updates, but back then I didn't have obligations such as commissions and art trades. I could have simply reinstall Windows and not care too much back then but now I can't. The smart thing to do would be to not put all my eggs in one basket, I know. But I can't afford that, so shielding my one and only device from updates is mandatory for me. Thankfully I managed to recover from the disaster this time. I got a brand new glorious "mail" app pinned on my taskbar, which I have now unpinned. Apart from that, everything else seems the same after the update... well thank god for that.

While I wasn't given the choice to update or not, I could have postponed it, so that's what I'll do, I'd rather postpone a mandatory update forever than update. I'd rather welcome a virus into my computer than to receive another system update because a virus will make things slower and inconvenient, an update could destroy everything I've worked for.

TL;DR: I strongly dislike updates.



12 August 2017 at 00:17:20 MDT

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    Ugh! I totally feel you. The recent update did the same thing for me too. After the update I couldn't use my computer because it wouldn't boot properly. I kept getting a black screen and nothing would happen. I was about ready try and do a roll back somehow or take my laptop in to get it sorted out. I couldn't used my laptop for two days. Then It updated again and I finally able to use it but everything was re set as you had described.

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    im p sure after you postpone it enough win10 will eventually stop asking and update anyway... i think this happened to me...

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    Yeahhhhh I'm glad I'm on win 7 still. There's a reason so many businesses use win 7 over 8 and 10. I'm sorry that happened to you :c

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    Sorry to hear that.
    Unfortunately, Windows 10 doesn't exactly give the user a choice, as it'll eventually force an update if you delay it after some time.

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    Big ass potentially useless comment incoming

    W10 is a burden on consumers, and has been since launch. There's reasons why it's forceful and reasons why I wear a tinfoil hat. Unfortunately you'll eventually loose the ability to postpone, and it will install against your will. There's been numerous updates that have bricked computers globally. AskWoody has a Deafcon rating for updates if you're nerdy enough to go that far lel.

    If you take a quick trip to the Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, find the Services button. Scroll on down to the "Windows Update" and turn off the process by right-clicking on it, select Properties and click Disabled. There's then some programs like "Shut up 10" that give you a free tinfoil hat, but that maybe too far in the paranoid lifestyle for most ᴖᴖ