Might Leave by SwirlySpotBean

Hi I'm back but only for a small amount of time. I want to say I've had a lot go on in my life, thus the reason why I'm not active really at all here. For a long time I've been dealing with a lot of personal things in my life, a lot of negative and there was some positives. It has effected me greatly where I don't feel the same as I was from a few years ago. I want to say I'm not sure how I will go with the furry fandom. I love to draw but my passion is dying. I had major issues and I literally feel like quitting since it has effected me. Literally been feeling sick, I lost some friends; I'm okay with it. I know they are tired of me and I'm tired of myself. I think it's best to only talk to my boyfriend and just around with him until the time comes for friends again. I'm emotionally tired and I just got back from my trip not too long ago.

For those that are waiting for commissions, You can PM if you want a refund since I'm not in the greatest shape to do anything. I refund some folks already, if I miss ya, PM me. I'm not sure If I'll stay here anymore in the fandom. I want to that the thing but it's effected me so badly that I dont I'll be the same ever again. If I do stay It will be different. I hope you are guys/gals are having a good day and thanks for reading..

Might Leave


4 August 2017 at 13:56:09 MDT

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