Sad Days by SmudgeWaffle33

I apologize that my first journal is a bad one, but bear with me~

So I started online submissions on DeviantArt, a website very dear to me.

Well, I was trying to log in (I'm not sure why I was out in the first place). It wouldn't let me.

I tried to do the "forgot password" option but it said "validate_token Request confirmation has expired, please try again."

Well I keep trying and it won't work. I fear I may be getting banned or my account was hacked or something.

This is EXTREMEMLY upsetting to me as some of my dearest friends are there and that's the only way of contact I have with them.

To top it all off my life has been horrendus lately (I don't like to vent here :b) and I was just putting my chin back up.

Perfect example of atrocious events following fortunate events in my life. When life seems good, it's brought back down to dead water zone.

*sigh* I'm very glad to have this website though :) I'm going to be more active on here till I get this fixed. I love all you guys and I've really enjoyed my time on here so far!



Sad Days


28 March 2013 at 21:11:58 MDT

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    No if it was a banned account you'll still be able to get back on :/ Hm...

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      Idk it's some thing with my computer I can log in on my phone :b but that kind of ruins the point in retrospect to art...

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        Yeah I know, I hate the mobile one sorry XP