ART TRADES! v2.0 by Jaycee


Comment below or send me a note with your character's references and we can get started!

"Yo, Jay! What wont you draw?"

  • Anything 18+/NSFW involving sexual content or gory violence (silly cartoony violence is A-OK!)
  • Toilet humour, diapers, and gross bodily fluids (spit, sweat and tears are alright with me)
  • Your fetish
  • Drugs in any form (alcohol and cigarette smoking is fine)
  • Politics
  • Memes
  • Mechs, vehicles and anything involving driving
  • Anything in comic strip format (I've already don't update one, don't give me another!)
  • Totally accurate, on-model emulation of someone else's art style (I wish, sorry! I can still try if you really want me to, just don't expect perfection!)

"Yo, Jay! What art quality can I expect from your half?"

It will be similar to anything in my "BEST OF / FEATURED" art folder! Just let me know if you want multiple characters, or a detailed background!

"Yo, Jay! What should I draw for you?"

To be honest, sometimes I have trouble deciding on what I want! Maybe you can help me out?

As long as you avoid NSFW, fetish, gross stuff and everything else in the above "what wont you draw" list, I'm good with whatever! As for my characters?
Surprise me! Draw any one (or multiple) of my characters from the below list!

If you can't decide on a subject or character to draw, just let me know and I can help pick something or someone out that looks interesting to you!

"Yo, Jay! What is your limit on the number of characters?"

It would depend on how detailed the characters are, but I can imagine drawing up to 5 at the very most. I would like to keep the character limit the same for both parties (so if you want me to draw 5 of your characters, I would expect you to draw 5 of my characters too, just to keep things balanced).
If, for example, I'm going to draw 5 of your characters from only their head and shoulders, it wouldn't be fair to ask you to draw 5 of my characters in full-body unless you were totally okay with it.
TL:DR: Send a message and let's negotiate on the number of characters for either side!

"Yo, Jay! Anything else I should know?"

  • I prefer drawing original characters over fan characters (such as Pokemon, Sonic, FNAF, MLP, Homestuck, etc. characters) or copyrighted characters.
  • I browse with tags and filters on. Please don't give me NSFW/fetish images as reference as I wont be able to view them.
  • I work better when given a large "TL;DR" character reference. Don't be afraid to give me an exposition dump!
  • Don't be intimidated by the large text walls on my own character references. They are mostly there to keep MYSELF consistent with them. I'm not a huge stickler when it comes to my fellas being "in character" or not.
  • Please don't be afraid to message me with any questions or concerns you may have during any part of this process!

Thanks for reading!



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