Quick Bits: Remastered by Volt Siano

  • Being a full-time author for fictional novels seems like it would rely heavily on a near constant influx of creative thinking; imagine requiring that to make a living.
  • If you desire to feel control in your life, just disable the Windows 10 update service and bask your newfound power.
  • Heaven sounds fantastic, but God did create life to be good; may as well enjoy it.
  • I feel foolish for writing stories based on the whimsical tidbits that my mind produces, but then again, all great tales began somewhere.
  • “Adults are just kids that grew up.” ~A Fellow Student

Quick Bits: Remastered

Volt Siano

20 July 2017 at 11:42:06 MDT

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    I just got a Windows 10 computer at my desk at work........................I just would like to know why it decides to update when you're in the middle of doing something in the middle of the day. XD

    I'll keep my nice Windows 7 laptop, thanks. XD

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      Yeah; my family's main moniter still does Windows 8, I think.
      I think you can change the way updates are provided. Like, instead of having them set to automatic, set them to let you know when they're available (though they will happen automatically after a certain amount of time).

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        Our IT guy has the computers locked so only he can change things like that! XD

        It was funny because one of my co-workers was doing a special print job project and his computer went into reboot for updates and he couldn't stop it! wry laugh

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          Oh. Yeah, I guess if you're not allowed to, it kinda' puts a damper on things...

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            It's true. XD

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    Windows 7 five-ever!

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      We'll go into the future kicking and screaming.

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        But also because I don't want to spend the money to upgrade when 7 works perfectly well.