I quit (early)... by sirkain

...From my job I had for just shy of 14 years. Got too much for me to deal with as I had hoped. So done with that job, broke, but 20 tons of stress off my back shoulders and soul. Time to drop down a gear and floor it into the next career early full throttle I guess.

Toxicity sucks. Don't let it consume you at your workplace.

Birthday party on 22nd still a go (hitting 40), still plan to work on my project/classic cars next week with years of parts bought for them I can now put on and enjoy them a bit more, and re assess budget (all the damage it has), start being thrifty/frugal with money for a while till cash flow picks up selling a few places. Commissions pretty much on hold except a specific couple projects I wish to keep going (just slower for now). I'll contact you to stop if i got you doing something I rather old on for now.

Hope rest of you are doing well. sorry been quiet here or to a lot in general. Hope that will change in a while.

I quit (early)...


18 July 2017 at 01:16:25 MDT

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    Well glad to hear the stress is gone. I know the feeling. Good luck with finding a new job, and happy early birthday! ^^