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Well.................the BBC went and made the announcement I was expecting. sigh Before people go all freaking nuts thinking I'm gender biased or anything and accusing me of things that aren't true.................let me make something clear--I'm a LONG-TIME "Doctor Who" fan. I come from "Doctor Who" of the 1980's and went back and watched everything that's potentially watchable since the very beginning of the series with "An Unearthly Child" until today. I have books and comics and magazines for the series over the years. What makes me unhappy about them filling the role with a female lead IS NOT the fact it's a woman--it's the fact that it's now cliched. If they hadn't gone through and just made The Master a woman in recent series, or set it up with the fact that Time Lords can regenerate into another gender................I would've been fine with it. But it's the fact that the BBC has been flailing to try and "regain" the young audience they feel they've lost since Matt Smith's departure. THEY ARE NOT TAKING INTO THE MIX THAT THEY'VE ALREADY HAD A DEDICATED FANBASE FOR DECADES. This announcement is neither shocking, nor unexpected at this point...........the concept is not novel or new, based upon them already having done this with The Master most recently. It's them trying something they think is "surprising" in order to gain new viewers or regain a fanbase they think they've "lost". sigh

This is honestly what I hate about television and movie makers anymore. Or even comic books--DC Comics' constant reboots are frustrating on longtime fans. I'm one of the few people who liked DC's "New 52".........but that's because it was good for the Green Lantern portion of the universe--most Batman fans hated it for what it did to that portion of the universe. My point is.............companies think they have to do something wild and new and "shocking" to get new fans--and in the end, they hurt the fans they already have.

Also.................things I notice lately amongst the artists on the art sites--or at least where I'm at............and memories it brings back from my days at FurAffinity and so forth. It makes me wonder..............why are people on art sites, really? I had an old journal asking this question a long time ago--but now I have new watchers and stuff, so let's ask it again?

Why are you on a gallery site?

This is a question I can easily answer myself................I'm here to make friends and enjoy art. I'm not a great artist (and there are personal development reasons behind that). I'm not here to have hundreds of followers or to make money. I'm here because I like talking to people and looking at art.........and sharing art!

I can understand that people who are on sites to make money will abandon sites they feel they do not make profits these people stay at FurAffinity and abandon Weasyl, for example. It's a saddening thought, but there you have it.........I remember when many of my friends from FA were all excited about Weasyl when it popped up and were begging for invites before the site became public--most of those people have long since abandoned Weasyl and stay at FA because they "don't have the numbers" (the attention) or "can't make money" on this site. And then others abandon this site, because "nobody is active here", they'll say. It's a vicious circle, really..........the artists out to make money won't stay because they don't have the fanbase (and don't want to put in the time or effort to grow it, in many cases) and the fans won't stay because the artists leave. It makes me really very sad..................

But I am here, daily--and I am active. I have no intention of leaving. I'm not going back to a cesspool like FA, where in the end I felt daily pain just looking at the site.............because of the people who want to hurt others were bullying myself and others I knew. It doesn't matter how many friends I had, how many artists I loved looking at their art over on long as people were bullies and focused on bullying gentle people like me--I simply could not remain there. It doesn't matter how many people I (or other people) blocked--the serious bullies would simply create new accounts and start bullying again. Weasyl's site provides me with the two reasons I came to a gallery site to begin with: making friends and enjoying art. I can do that here.

Let's enjoy each other's company and enjoy looking at artwork, right? :D

General musings.................


16 July 2017 at 16:09:12 MDT

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    I don't blame you. Weasyl is easy to gain fanbase. It what you draw and diversify theme.

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      I think so, too! :)

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    I'm here for similar reasons, plus the desire to make myself know; not super known, mind you - only as much as my skill deserves (which is quite vague, I realize). Either I just have a hungry ego, or it's part of me wanting to familiarize myself with other people and make friends; or maybe I just want to feel involved.
    . . .
    Eh, regardless - I'm here! And I plan to have a good time while I remain.

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      I think the internet and most gallery sites would be happier places if more people are there to have fun! :)

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    I think honestly part of what killed weasyl was how long it stayed in closed beta. It became "open" so far after the initial hype had passed that it missed out on a lot of that.

    3 went and read up on the doctor and I guess one reason they went the female doctor route was because this was supposed to be a new cycle for the doctor. So it's supposed to kinda be a different person? I guess that really brings this home? I dunno I kinda don't track it enough. I can see both sides, those in support and those not. I almost kinda wonder how it makes the transgender community feel. Is this a representation of them? Is this pushing us to redefine gender rules and boundaries? Or is this going to be seen as a marketing stunt that makes light of the struggle of changing genders.

    If they start her with even less memories of her previous life then the other doctors (i.e.; doesn't know she was male) except how to function, and set her up as the start of a new line of doctor, it could be interesting? Or would it be more interesting to have her figuring out how the differences worked? I don't know I think the latter is where you stumble into territory that can be tricky.

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      But it is the second Doctor in this new set of regenerations, though--the first Doctor in this set was Capaldi and he acted childish at times (innocent/new). I'm sure it's going to cause a lot of talk to be generated by it with anything they try to do with it--good and bad. I know Moffat had the Master regenerate as a female to "tease" the Doctor/Master romance which..............I guess kinda-sorta happened? If you can call it that. Though why, in this day and age, we can't have a "same gender main character romance"................I'll never understand. It seems to be okay to have the "gay friend" and you can follow their relationships--but once you have a main character of a well-known series in that role it is apparently "wrong". That has happened in so many lines of things I watch or read.............and it makes me sad that we still can't come out and make a main character gay in a well known series.

      To be honest, I was against the Doctor/Companion romance, too...........................! XD It felt weird when they had Sarah Jane Smith show up in one of the Tennant episodes and she alluded to being in love with the Doctor. (Uh, which one...........3rd or 4th??? XD) Which was a vibe I never got from her years with either 3 or 4. wry laugh So this change to a female makes me wonder if they plan to introduce more male Companions than before and have romantic tension.

      It will be interesting to see how the transgender community feels about it, too. I guess how the show handles it will determine whether the writers are empathetic of the transgender community or want to use it to make silly jokes.

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    I'm here for similar reasons, at least there are some people to talk with. Weasyl could have broadened beyond the furry community a little. I understand why people want success or the money. Yet sometimes when commission info is in every work's description it becomes annoying. I hope being "successful" doesn't take over the whole fandom as being an all important goal.

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      I really hope so, too. I don't know if you were active at FA or followed many people..................but I remember at some point I was watching a lot of people and like they'd do their YCH ads and other advertising as "art uploads". Even after FA finally cracked down on people resubmitting an art upload ad every five minutes (there were times when I'd login in the evening and I'd have 50 ads by the same person for the same YCH....................), it still felt like I was receiving mostly advertising from artists and not art itself. That made me feel a little sad.

      One person I know, who went gaga over getting an invite to Weasyl before it was publically open..........she pretty much abandoned it because she wasn't getting enough watchers, but she'd upload here last or as an afterthought and then wondered why no one looked at her stuff. But it's hard to follow a generally inactive artist on a site, I think. And it seems sad to tie your enjoyment of a site based upon how many people are following you. Even on FA...............I had over 100 watchers, but many watched me for different reasons (some for my Sonic fanart, some for my furry art..........)--but in the end, I really only had like 10-12 active watchers who would talk to me or look at my art on a regular basis. So..........I don't really think the number of people watching you really should make any difference, either.

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        Almost went to FA but a furry contact from DA said people there did not want "cute animals" so I abandoned the idea and posted in a desert called Blogger a decade ago.

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          The fanbase over at FA can be very strange. My Sonic fanart was mega-popular................but my general furry art didn't get much looking at. I think people can be picky................and I think a lot of people look more for adult art over there. :/

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    Hey, I got your envelope today! Thanks so much! squee

    I'm on this particular website because you are--I really never made friends on DA. I am on an online gallery in general because I want some inspiration to push me to keep doing art on a regular basis. I also like being able to see what's popular to get ideas for my etsy shop. (I guess in that sense, I'm "using it for money" too.)

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      You're very welcome! I thought you'd like the drawings! :D

      To me it feels like most people "there for the money" are always angry and complaining in journals and stuff. I always wonder if they've forgotten how to love art........?

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    I'm her for the same reasons as you. I would have been known, but I lazied out on it. So now... all I have is the socializing. =)

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      I think having fun and enjoying yourself is a good way to go about being in sites like this. :)

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    I understand where you're coming from on the female Doctor!

    I'm transgender (trans man) and have no problem with the next Doctor being female, to me it doesn't feel like a trans thing, it feels like Time Lords just don't have genders or gender roles as "firm" as we do here on Earth, at least in our current society. Which I see as something positive. But I'm not as knowledgeable on Time Lords as you and other long-term fans are.

    However, trans women might have a different opinion. But the ones I've talked to seem fine with it and don't see it as a marketing thing to profit off of them.

    Like you said, we'll see how the writers handle it!

    I'm on art websites because I love looking at art, supporting artists, and putting my work out there and getting feedback and support. Similar to you. I hope to make friends as well. You're my only friend on Weasyl, I'd honestly probably leave if no one interacted with me on here or any site. But I value all the people who support me/talk to me on all the art websites I'm on!

    Looking at art of characters I love (or just nice art in general) is what I spend a lot of my internet time doing, and I think it helps my anxiety and inspires me at the same time.

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      I really hope it's not just a gimmick, as it seems to be. It seems too soon after them showing this idea by having The Master regenerate as a woman this time. The other choice I heard was a really young guy who was in one of the James Bond films--and that also felt like a gimmick to me, since so many complained about how "old" Capaldi was. :/ I understand refreshing a series, but not with gimmicks..................

      I think having fun and enjoying yourself on art sites is the best way to go. :)

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        Yeah, I get what you're saying. I feel like part of what happened could be that after the Master regenerated as a woman, people started getting really vocal about "Well if the Master could be a woman, then so could the Doctor!" without thinking about how gimmicky that would be. And the writers/showrunners listened to them. I'm not completely against a female Doctor, but I do agree with you that it's not the best idea to have two similar instances right at the same time like that.

        Definitely :)

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          I hope for all the fans sticking with it.............that it will be good. I know that Moffat's leaving, too--he's going to focus on "Sherlock". Considering some people complained about his writing in the Capaldi seasons, maybe it was best he left--since he cared more for "Sherlock" than "Doctor Who" anymore. It makes me sad, because Capaldi was going to leave because of Moffat...........and now with Moffat leaving, a part of me wishes that Capaldi would've stuck around another couple years. I hope we'll have a special "team up" feature of past Doctors--it was really popular in Titan Comics' mini-series they did last year (The Four Doctors)......then I'll watch that. XD