Back! Lets stream every day :D by Zaezar

Howdy everyone. I am back from the road trip. There were a lot of hiccups along the way that I won't get into here. But know that I have my computer set up and I'm caught up with the notifications I missed. And boy were there a lot of missed notifications! I am currently in my mother's place until I move into the apartment. That should be on the 1st assuming they don't last-minute need to change something with the complex!

On to important stuffs though. So I have missed a few streams, yeah? I also have a lot in my queue at the moment and I really don't want to have that be as long when shark week starts. I also have a couple images I need to have done before that starts too. On top of all this, Destiny 2's beta starts on Tuesday. And I really want to play that. Because of all of this, lets do a stream every day! Regular stream times are unchanged. But the other days will be changing up a bit so I can experiment :D

Times are posted in Pacific time. And of course I will be streaming all of this on

Sunday- 5PM
Monday- 3PM
Tuesday- 5PM (Probably with other streams in the morning. To be decided.) Destiny all Day.
Wednesday- 1PM
Thursday- 10AM
Friday- 5PM

That's that. How are you? Anything interesting happen in your life while I was away?

Back! Lets stream every day :D


16 July 2017 at 14:00:26 MDT

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    Welcome back............I hope you're settled in okay! :)

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      Trip wasn't great. But actually being here is good. Got it all out of the way and everything haha

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        Accomplishment achieved! :)