So about my fursona... by Mocha-Pixels

I never got the chance to mention of the other page that my original fursona was a snowy owl.
I might make a secondary fursona for a fursuit build but I don't know yet.
Also free time for the next few days to let things settle and my mind set to be placed back into
working motion to build my confidence once more to start pushing speedpaints out at least once
every few days (2-3 min 5 max) I have to relax for a day like I said I was going to do before this.

Also! I just got my Wii back up and running and I might take some time to strike a deal with a
friend who owns a cable to record the Wii via computer. :3c

Low key it would be "Endless Ocean" that game was beautiful for it's year of release and it still is for
a Wii game!

So about my fursona...


12 July 2017 at 10:09:49 MDT

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