Hey what's up? by Lilyface

So if you follow me on Twitter, you're aware that I've started a GoFundMe Campaign to afford a puppy to train and keep as a service animal.

In addition I'm taking offers on my character Clarice. The current highest offer is at $550 USD. If I don't have to sell her that would be great, but if I do I'd prefer her going to someone who will either draw her often or have work commissioned of her. Please only make an offer if you're serious.

I'll be working on YCHs as well taking in stream commissions as often as I can.

I have original paintings for sale as well, but they're not really furry or anthro in nature so lol

I know it's con season, but please consider donating or if you can't, sharing. Seriously, every share and every dollar helps.

Hey what's up?


8 July 2017 at 09:42:32 MDT

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    I think the campaign link is broken..!

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      the part after the link ]gofundme campaign is what's goofin' it.

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        Oh woops! Fixin it