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-Brief Deployment Update
-Ref Sheets Galore!
-Patreon Reminder - WIPs & Sneak Peaks
-Feathers, Fur, & Fins - Upcoming Fursuits! - Updates via Twitter & More!
-Nonsuit Dancing
-Future Commission Opportunities
**Discussion Topic -Realistic or Toony Fursuits?*

-Brief Deployment Update

Hey y'all! Just wanted to fly by and give everyone a quick update from over here! I hope my fellow 'Muricans got down with some freedom for me yesterday! :)

Life is going by as normal over here in the sandbox! I've been really busy - lots of flying and upgrading, the latter which has taken a lot more time than usual as I'm coming up on an advanced qualification board. But spirits are still good, and the business is helping the days go by quicker, that's for sure. We still have quite a long ways to go, this isn't some short little det.

Those who keep asking if I'll be at this-or-that convention, don't cross your fingers on seeing me there, but do have tons of fun for me! I'll be posting updates and 'How to find me at insert furry convention here ) Journals and posters when that time comes, don't worry! The Kestrel King shall return before y'know it!

-Ref Sheets Galore!

By now, I'm sure that y'all can tell I've been cranking out the Ref Sheets like crazy! Since I'd completely closed Commissions, I really wanted to take the time to hammer out the Refs for a lot of my personal characters that I have little to no artwork done of!

Since I have so many dragon characters that have lots of artwork, badges, etc for them, I've really been focusing on my non-draconic characters, a few of which have received the Ref treatment by now. I still have quite a few more, some of which are very senior characters of mine, so keep your eyes peeled!

And don't worry, there are PLENTY more dragons coming up! ;) I have a whole Squadron waiting in line to do Refs for, hehe!

I'm also happy to report that almost all of my characters' Refs are sketched out already! All that's left for me to do is email myself the pics, (as most of them are 100% sketched traditionally,) and put together the layout in Photoshop, and finish 'em up digitally.

While I do have many ideas floating around in my head that would really like the Epic Scene treatment, I want to put as much energy as I can into doing as many Refs as possible this summer. I've said it many times before, and I'll say it again - this may be the summer I finish Reference Sheets for all of my characters! That being said, it would probably be waaay easier if I'd just stop having new characters, haha! But this summer...IT FILLS ME WITH DETERMINATION.

-Patreon Reminder - WIPs & Sneak Peaks

Friendly reminder that I have a Patreon! Interested in seeing the WIPs and sketches of all these upcoming Ref Sheets? Advanced viewing of full pieces before they're posted? Behind-the-scenes updates and details on the direction of pieces?
Or even red-line help with any piece, any time? Hell, even a full fursuit photoshoot with an item you send, or a custom fursuit dance at a convention?

You can check out all of the above starting at just $1.00! All the support is super appreciated, and also goes to helping cover quick 'net signal so I can keep uploading new works for y'all! <3


-Feathers, Fur, & Fins - Upcoming Fursuits! - Updates via Twitter & More!

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some of the cool critters joining the Squadron and being brought to life! For folks who enjoy following my Fursuiting adventures, this is the update for you!

Hehe, I get busy and keep forgetting, and then I suddenly remember and get SUPER excited that a bunch of my bebs will be started very soon! Some of these guys include Spitfire, my Red-Tailed Hawk Dutch Angel Dragon, and even Raze, my Dobey-Deinonychus DinoDog!

Another guy that was recently finished, being polished up as we speak, (err, type and read, rather,) and a really, really big project regarding Sniper is currently in the works... Without revealing too much with excitement, he'll be galloping about soon, literally!

One of my bebs I'm suuuuuper excited about is a critter with no fur and no feathers...no talons or wings. You've met the Flock, but are you ready for...the POD?!

For folks who like following my fursuiting shenanigans, including seeing updates and always new, wonderful pictures of my floofy guys, (hearts to my awesome friends' photography! Wouldn't be possible without you guys! <3 ) I post a LOT more fursuit photos and updates on my Social Media sites! While on my main Art Sites, I post at least a weekly Fursuit Friday dance, you can find many more posts and pics on my social sites, many including quotes that WILL FILL YOU WITH DETERMINATION.

https://twitter.com/Twilight_Saint <--- Most Active on Twitter!

-Nonsuit Dancing

Kind of an aside, but something I'm really excited about, is that I've finally broken into the realm of nonsuit dancing! I know, you may be thinking 'Big deal, Twilight, you dance in fursuit all the time.' But that's just it - I've always danced in fursuit, I never actually danced - freestyle or trained - out of fursuit!

I suppose that makes me rather backward in the dancing scene, as most dancerfurs start out dancing either via classes or nonsuit, then add the suit on top of their existing dance background. When I started out dancing, I dove head-first into it with fullsuit and all, haha.

Which, on one hand, is kinda cool, since I got to learn how to do bigger moves and make various motions more noticeable in suit, which translates well into large movements out of suit. And without any formal training, I've pretty much focused 100% on developing my style. But without that, I've missed out on the nuances of dancing without wearing a mattress wrapped in a carpet, and actual dancing techniques.

Nonsuit-wise, I've been practicing all sorts of things, mostly focusing on movesets and technique rather than settling on one particular style of dance. I'm having a lot of fun getting sharper and quicker and experimenting with different moves! Once I get more confident in my base skills and technique, I'll start delving more into a specific style at a time.

So! That's my little aside about that. :> It's been fun!

-Future Commission Opportunities

Ah-hah! I put this at the bottom of my Journal this time, mwahahaha!

First, thanks everyone for all of the commission inquiries! I wish I could take on every piece, but with my time constraints and the fluidity of my schedule over here, it's just not feasible for me to have a large queue right now. And besides, I have a pile more of my own characters that have been waiting a long time for some artwork! :)

The large project I've been hinting at for a while is in the terminal phase - I actually am all the way down to the detailed highlighting on it, which takes the longest, but is the final step in the shading for this type of piece. Following that, all that remains is the fine-tuning and approval of the client!

Following this piece, I'll be completing a Design-A-Character Commission that is part of a long-term project with a friend of mine, and another smaller piece I've recently taken on.

Until these pieces are completed, I am not taking on additional projects, regardless of size or type of piece. My deployment is far from over, and we still have a lot of work over here, including continuing to move around, on top of my personal qualifications, which take a ton of time and energy. While I wish I could, I don't have enough time in the day to personally Note everyone who has inquired for a Commission. <3

As always, if you are interested in Commissioning me and of my current status, check my PROFILE PAGE or my most recent JOURNAL.

This also goes without saying, but until I return to CONUS, I will not be accepting any pieces with deadlines. I am also closed for all print and badge hard copy orders. Pretty difficult to pack my printer, laminating machine, and supplies in a seabag, lol.

HOWEVER, since I'm FILLED WITH DETERMINATION, you can expect a big print order when I return, as well as 2018 calendars! I'm also coming up with designs for t-shirt, hoodie, pin, & sticker orders as well! I'm super excited to have these available for conventions, as well as for custom orders outside of cons. Of course, when I'm back stateside, you can 100% be sure that Commissions and order possibilities and flexibility will be back to normal, and even more epic! I'm super excited to come back and up the ante!!!

*Anyway, back to what I was touching on earlier. Once I do finish these three pieces, (mainly the big one, that's 100% of my focus right now,) I'm planning on opening for potentially the following:
-YCH Full-body pieces
-Painted (Lineless) Busts

YCH Pieces will be auction-style, as always, offered on a case-by-case basis. The other pieces, you'll note, are smaller in scope, and will be taken on in small Batches via Journal.

As always, feel free to Note me anytime regarding Commission questions! I am always open to answer questions, and always open for quotes. Before asking pricing questions, I will direct you to my Commission Price Guide, as it is very thorough and may cover exactly what you're looking for! <3 Note, please allow for up to a few days for a response due to my mission work and different time zones. :>


**Discussion Topic -Realistic or Toony Fursuits?*

For this Journal's discussion topic, I wanted to touch on something I've been thinking about recently! Which do you personally prefer, Realistic Fursuits, or Toony-Style Fursuits?

Is it the craftsmanship of either that catches your eye? What about the wearability of either? Does species depicted come in as a factor for you?


Two-Block, FOXTROT!

*Mission Update - Ref Sheets, Oh My!


5 July 2017 at 12:10:21 MDT

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