Big ol' Life Update by TigerPillow

For those of you who haven't just completely given up on me here...

I have been around but I just haven't found the motivation or time to draw anything... at the same time in a long while.

The new job has been going pretty well. I even got tapped to start helping with the new hire software 101 training program. Gonna start on that next week. Apparently someone thinks I'm doing an ok enough job to teach new people about the software! I hope they're right...

The big thing going on right now is tomorrow I'm having my wisdom teeth removed. Before anyone starts freaking out it's not an emergency removal or anything. In fact I'll probably have an easier time than the average person. Doesn't help ease the anxiety tho.

The reason I'm having them removed is because my bottom wisdom teeth never fully broke thru my gum line. They came in straight as can be so they're not at some weird angle or pushing my other teeth around or anything. In fact the dentist was pretty damn impressed with my teeth when I went in for the checkup. The problem is that they both have this little flap of gum over them that never really went away, and sometimes food gets back there and causes the gums to get inflamed and painful, something called Pericoronitis. I've had these wisdom teeth for 8-9 years and this happens now and then. Well last week I got it way worse than ever before so I decided to go to the dentist for the second time in my life to see what's up. So here I am. I scheduled it for tomorrow since I already had Friday off for a company holiday, that way I got a 4 day weekend to recover. So since they're not really impacting and it's only to remedy gum problems, I'm hoping things will go ok ^^.


Things are going ok, having some fangs removed tomorrow! Also check out my latest review!

Big ol' Life Update


27 March 2013 at 20:07:58 MDT

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