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Keyboard Dying! Need Help! by Genisay

New emergency goal on my ko-fi account.
It seems that for some reason starting sometime last night, the keyboard that I have for my computer started acting up. Started with sticky keys, and just stopped working altogether this morning. I messed around a bit and thought I had it working again, but now only certain keys work and some are randomly firing when they shouldn't. I need to be doing art this summer to help with my funds, but not having a keyboard that works is going to slow me way down in my workflow, plus make general tasks painstaking. Like this very message. I am writing it using the Ease of Access onscreen keyboard and typing by clicking on all of the letters. A message that should have taken less than a minute to write took more than five.
I currently have no hours at work because of summer layoff, and might not again for several months. As such I have very little in the way of funds right now and this situation could prove to be a major setback.
I will be looking around at keyboard prices to set a new goal for my coffee, but if you would like to help me get started on getting a new one, it would be greatly appreciated!
You can help me out by either commissioning me or donating a little to
Spreading the word also helps a lot as well!

Keyboard Dying! Need Help!


25 June 2017 at 12:02:10 MDT

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