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Lego-based diorama plans... by PrivateDoomsday

Wanna know something? I have a new hobby idea, in mind, to make money off of.

With the knockoff building block brands, (not Lego) I'm going to make little 3D dioramas, that are MADE to go with Lego! As well as being freely decorative, to a large extent. Being about the size, of a DVD box.

I plan on making my first one, being Green Hill Zone, from the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" video game.

If I sell any of these, I can only confirm, that no Lego minifigs would actually be included, but if you have an idea, feel free to let me know. It can even GO, with Lego minifigs, that you actually own!

Also, while it's not a perfect brand, "Kre-O" has a lot of potential, when ti comes to minifigs. While seemingly flimsy, the plus side is, they're EASILY more posable, and have plenty of potential! Especially compared, to MOST of these knockoff building block brands.

I DEFINITELY know, that based around "Kre-O", I still have a "Bumblebee" figure. In addition, here are the others, that I'll try to get a bit inexpensively, from like, Ollie's, or something.

= Optimus Prime
= Megatron
= Starscream

P.S.; due to technical issues, of hackers on eBay and Amazon, I shall stick with Craigslist, or something, if I make any. That is, until I get my own bank account, with a "MasterCard".

Lego-based diorama plans...


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    Kre-O has really increased its stature in recent picking up some good licenses for their mini-figs.

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      I know it may seem too good to be true, but here's something that would give them more attention and recognition, if they got the licensing deal, for it....

      "Kre-O Super Smash Bros."!

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        It probably would. I don't know if Nintendo has given the license for even Mario stuff by Kre-O or it would be a big thing.

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          Last I remember, they DID give one license to Lego, but that was a Japan-exclusive.

          It was a third-party theme, based on the "Pokemon" anime.

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            I think licenses in Japan are different here, it seems to be easier for those companies to do licensed products there than here. I see a lot more neat things from the Japan branches of companies that we never see in the states.

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              Yeah; how unfortunate.

              Thankfully, there's places like eBay and Amazon, if you're lucky enough, to FIND such imports!