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some commssion REMINDERS, FYIs and UPDATES by pac

just a collection of notes i've been accruing over the months!

  • one transaction for multiple payments
    once in a while i've gotten commissions that two or more folks have pitched in on, which is great! however since switching to invoices it makes divvying up these payments a little more involved, and waiting for payment from all parties stall the progression of the commission. not to mention, multiple transactions means multiple times fees will be taken out for said transactions. from now on i will be requiring one party be responsible for the balance of a commission, allowing them to collect money needed from others involved themselves.

  • share progress with everyone involved with the commission before approving artwork!!
    this one is sort of related to the previous one and really important. if you are getting a joint commission, a commission using someone else's character, etc, please get approvals from everyone involved. there were a few times in the past where a person getting a commission approved the art but did not check to see if the other party gave the go ahead. certain edits cannot and will not be made if the commission is approved by the client. please make sure that if you need to check with someone else about the art progress, please do so before green lighting the rest of the piece.

  • reserve time only when you know what you are getting
    i schedule time a week or two in advance, and usually can get it done in one or two sittings, so i try hard to maximize my time accordingly. there have been a couple times in the past where folks will reserve time and when their appointment came up they were still trying to decide what to get. i am reminding everyone that there is no rush for spots! i work regularly every week and there is usually always time somewhere, so there is no need to reserve time if you are not ready. while i do allow folks to change or add additional work if time allows, it is not a guarantee and is best to know what it is you want prior to your appointment.

  • please credit telegram stickers
    i currently do not offer telegram stickers, but that doesn't mean you can't use work i've made for you as stickers! several people have used sketch pages as an easy way to get a good set of drawings for stickers. as per my TOS you are free to crop/finish sketches in sketch pages. telegram is a tricky platform though, in that your stickers can be used and proliferated by anyone who finds them. so it is really important to make sure you include a sticker that credits the artist! if you happen to use any art you've commissioned from me as telegram (or any other social media sticker) please remember to provide credit and a link to either my site ( or twitter (@artbypac)

  • sketch pages will be going up late next month
    eck, i hate these kinds of announcements, but adjustments like this are necessary as i progress and reassess the work i am doing and what it's worth. i have always been hesitant about adjusting the prices for my sketch pages as they are one of the more popular items i offer, and one of the most versatile ways of getting the best bang for your buck. but right now they are woefully behind in my price structure, so the price will be increasing (unsure how much yet, but it may unfortunately be a bit of a jump.) i will let everyone know more about it when the time gets closer. until then, feel free to take advantage of the lowest possible price for the most sketches!

that is all! this info will be available on my site later, but just sharing it here for everyone's convenience. have a great day!

some commssion REMINDERS, FYIs and UPDATES


24 June 2017 at 12:39:41 MDT

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