Slowly updating my gallery here by sunshyne

With more artists and commissioners seeming to permanently leave FA every day, now seems like as good a time as any to slowly update my galley and keep a closer eye on the community here. I will be gradually adding new submissions over the coming days, to the extent that I can't grab them as a collection. Truth is, I used to be pretty lukewarm to the idea of Weasyl back when the collections system was mandatory, there were no group sites, etc. It seemed to me to be set up to cater exclusively to artists while ignoring all of the other great contributions that non-artists make to the fandom. I haven't drawn anything in several years due to personal reasons, but I'd like to eventually get back into the swing of it. That said, I will never be a fulltime artist, and will probably always acquire more commissions than create actual art. For that reason, FA will remain my regular furry hangout. However, Weasyl seems to be changing for the positive, and you can't fight change - just have to change with the times. I'll be around here a bit more from now on, so stop in and say hi!


Slowly updating my gallery here


22 June 2017 at 00:11:37 MDT

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