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Commissions and Pricing

Pricing is flexible and changes based on what the work will be used for (commercial tends to cost more than private use, etc), as well as the content of the work itself. All prices are in USD. Work is generally completed within 1-4 days and everything is digital.

Lineart + Colour
I can draw your characters, or design one for you based on what you want. Full color + shading. Humans, furries, animals, monsters, anything really. Backgrounds can be included at an extra cost (dependant on what the background is).

Reference Sheet
What it sounds like - a variety of poses/angles/details of your character, including any written details you'd like. These are typically in the lineart + colour style, although they could be in the "Painted" style below for a price bump. Also, elements can be purchased separately, if you just want a sketch/headshot/etc.
Full body in colour: $100-170
Headshot/expressions/detail in colour: $50
B/W full body sketch: $50-80
B/W detail (head, claws, etc) sketch: $20

Painted Character Illustrations
Painted illustrations of whatever you like - humans, animals, anything. They have a high level of detail and are rendered in a more painterly fashion. These are generally not posed within a 'scene' (see below for that).

Painted Full Scene Illustrations
These are completely painted illustrations that include characters, backgrounds, fight scenes, anything you're after. They can also be without characters, if you're looking for an environment illustration entirely. More characters can be added. These prices are hard to estimate because a lot of it depends on the content of the illustration, so these are quite rough prices.
Full body with background: $250-500
Waist up with background: $180-350
Environment-focused works: $180-350

As usual, if you'd like a quote on something but you're not sure where it'd fall, just ask. I can be contacted here through notes or at

See my full portfolio here.

Commissions are OPEN


18 June 2017 at 17:27:12 MDT

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