Life update by Bottles

Wow boy howdy its been a while since ive updated my journal.
How is everyone? Is everyone well? I hope so.
Anyway, life has been swell as of late. Im getting ready to have a little baby in August so thats going to open a whole new chapter of love and fun in my life.
I work a lot but i try to draw every day just to keep up with it.
To be honest, im more active over on Furaffinity but i check here every day too.
Currently i have commissions open if thats something people would be interested in. Im trying to save enough money to get my computer fixed
and buy a tablet to make drawing easier. Right now im just using an app on my phone and the little screen is hard to work on sometims.
But yea.
If you guys ever feel like chatting or anything, dont be afraid to. I like making new friends.

Make it a great day, yo. ✌

Life update


18 June 2017 at 14:35:26 MDT

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