Birthday and general updates by noirex

Happy Birthday to me....even though today is fathers day as well. >.> Probably be going out with family but not much other than that

Other news, been super busy with the last few months with the classes this past term. So much so that I did not have a chance to do personal stuff or time with myself due to group projects and pretty much hand holding a classmate in a database course. Did very little drawing or working on personal side projects cause of this.

I started an internship for school as a Front End Developer. Not directly using the GIS I have been learning but its nice to fully use that computer science degree again. At least I will be doing a mix of things using both of my skill sets.

I do not know if I will be posting anything meaningful on here anytime soon. Most of the scraps of drawing or 3D modeling been dumped on my twitter (@thatyosh) along with other random things lately.

Things will probably be super busy for me till at least may of next year when I finally finish my Masters Degree.

Birthday and general updates


18 June 2017 at 12:16:08 MDT

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