Slight hiatus by Mancoin

Hello everyone.
I'm here to let you all know of a little bit of a hiatus of mine.
I am unsure how much artwork I'll be able to do during the upcoming couple of weeks. I might surprise myself and get to make a couple webcomic pages, might not get to art much in general. This is due to the final steps of my master's degree and several other upcoming events.

I hope to make up for it throughout the month of July, however - more comic pages, perhaps even some super amazing pinups. A fun month is approaching.
But for now, we must be patient.
You, the fans, might need to keep up the love
-wink wink hint fanart hint nudge nudge-

P.S. If you're following me on IB, FA and such - the images that are/have been popping up lately were made a little bit of time ago, so no, I'm not being a sneaky f*** and pretending to be on hiatus to just draw lewds :D
Alright, love ya'll!

Slight hiatus


18 June 2017 at 10:07:33 MDT

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