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So who am I? by xMichiyo

My name is Mandy Payne, but online I go by xMichiyo! You can call me Michi. I've been doing art all my

life, but taking it "seriously" for about 5 years now.

Taking art more seriously started in high school, when I was chosen in my school's anime club for a "public relations" role.

My job was to get people interested in anime club. My first thought was to make door prizes! Come to our mini conventions and get a prize! This grew and grew and was by far the most popular aspect of our anime club. I was chosen the very next year to be president of the anime club! I continued making lots of different prizes. Plushes, bags, hats, anything I could try and make. I even started getting some money for them!

Since then, I've continued to explore new mediums and make as many different types of items as I can. You'll find all my latest experiments on my Etsy page. ...and here! I'd love to try to make something for you. Thank you for visiting my page. You can see lots of my work here and even commission me! I hope to continue to explore lots of new types of art and share it with all of you. -Michi

So who am I?


14 June 2017 at 21:31:37 MDT

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