Back from BLFC! by KiRAWRa

Whew, driving 1700 miles round trip to Reno really takes it out of yeh! :') Who'd have thought?
Myself, Kittygomou, and CVizzle had a great time though, and we're hoping to go again either next year or sometime in the future! Thank you everyone who came to say hello and especially to those who were able to buy something from us n.n
My commission site has been updated and all the emails and PMs have been sent out, so hopefully I'll get started drawing on all those soon! It was a shorter list this time around, so if I'm able to work through it quickly, that might leave me an opportunity to open up commissions online, too. No promises though, we'll have to wait and see (since you know how life likes to throw things at you when you least expect it).
My con schedule is a little thrown off after this event, and I was planning to go to Further Confusion in California next January, but I can't guarantee that one anymore. The only thing I can say with relative surety is that I definitely plan to be at Furvana in 2018. Till then, there's a lot of drawing and prep in store for me, and I've got a lot of awesome new things to show you guys in the coming weeks as I start posting all my leftover inventory to my gallery and Storenvy.
Hope you guys are having a good summer so far! Stay cool B)

Back from BLFC!


7 June 2017 at 17:16:33 MDT

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