Upcoming Plans for June / July by SilverSheep

As you can see from my feed I have been uploading photos from The Mid May Meet. I will choose seven more photos and resume working on my FurDU photos. Mid May was a fun meet and it had a few surprise furs attend. The lighting conditions were a little tricky due to the harsh full sun but I took some good shots. It helps that I am getting more comfortable asking fursuiters to move into better lighting conditions for photos. I wanted to get the Mid May photos out because people like having photos quickly.

I still have many FurDU photos that I can use so expect more over the coming days. My target is to publish at least as many FurDU convention photos as I have published from ConFurgence. I have already surpassed my old total from FurDU 2016. I am impressed by my photography skills and how much they have increased in just a year. Comparing my photos from last year's FurDU to this year's I have seen a marked improvement.

My next photographic outing will be on the 24th of June at the Winter Magic Festival. For years I have watched from the sidelines as the fursuiters walked past Dan Murphy's while I was stuck inside working. Last year a smart ass manager said as I was crouched down pulling a box of wine forward that I should watch out because I would be tempting the furries to have their way with me. Good thing I was still in the closet and they didn't know I was gay while working there. Now I am free to join in on the parade.

I hope it isn't fursuit only in the parade. I don't know if you can just rock up or not. I'll have to find out. I will get to hang out with my friends ether way. Katoomba is my home town so it's just a walk up the street for me. My only real fear is a certain person (not a fur) who I had cut from my life ruining my time with my friends. I'll just have to man up. It will be a great time.

In July I am going to the Bathurst fur meet. It's on from the 7th to the 9th of July. I'll have to get my act together for it. My plan is to stay in one of the local Motels / Hotels for the weekend maybe try to coordinate with my friends to book my own room in the same hotel. Transport could be via Train or asking one of the furs for a lift. I am super keen now that I know some of the furs better. Diego raves about how good it is so it has his paw print of approval.

My last event in July is The Pound dance party in Sydney on the 21st. It's dubbed a pup play / furry club event with drinking and dancing. I'm not the clubbing type (don't own a fish net shirt) but since it's fursuiters and dancing I am down. It's on the same weekend as HCFC. I am not attending HCFC this year. I hope they do well some of the furs could be in town and come over for a party at The Pound.

On a side note if The Pound does well it could be the Australian answer to Frolic Party. One of the photographer furs that regularly shoots Frolic Party is a guy who inspired me to buy my first DSLR camera and get into fursuit photography. His name is Loc0 he is quite the talented photographer as well.

Upcoming Plans for June / July


1 June 2017 at 04:49:29 MDT

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